18 Ocak 1972 Salı

four season..

11 :19h morning.18 January, 1202
when you sait me that you missed so much..and you tried to mean living without me...realy did you mean this?
ore just because of you are afraiding?
you are leaving soon, it s not the reason of this broken heart
it is beceause of looks like turn back to coldest and frozen soul here.
you came to me in autumn and going back in winter.
but it was, it is and it will be the spring and summer, mein schöner.
                                                                                  the elephant's shadow in the dream. syf: 24,25, Phoenixe Publishing.

17 Ocak 1972 Pazartesi

ashes and snow..

I wish I would be there..with snow, with ashes..with red and purple elephants in front of you, loving.
I know, I couldnt because of some problem of "pobreza"..so cost of living.
something happening.. seems cloudy and dark.. why this silence is so painfull and needle barrel.
feather to fire, fire to blood, blood to bone, bone to marrow, marrow to ashes, ashes to snow..
I wish I would be a purple elephant bringing you letters.
I wish I would be a poem from Delphine et Hippolyte.
                                                                the elephant's shadow in the dream. syf: 34, Phoenixe Publishing.